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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Workshop

12 Jul. 2019
Alice Springs - Centre for Remote Health

FASD is poorly understood within the Australian context. As a result, individuals with FASD often struggle to understand why they experience difficulties with some of the tasks of daily life, and service providers find that traditional models for supporting clients don't always work.

Carers for children and adolescents with FASD have difficulty finding services where their needs are understood. Professionals working with children, families and adults at risk of FASD are increasingly aware that these individuals and families require a different response and need more information about what works.

This workshop focuses on:

Identifying and understanding FASD
Understanding what doesn't work, and why
How a neuro-behavioural approach helps
Understanding how professionals, carers, services and programs can better respond to FASD
Reducing risk and planning for future success

Location: Centre for Remote Health, Alice Springs

Cost: Professionals - $240, Carers - $190


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