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Australian Winter School 2019

25 Jul. 2019 to 26 Jul. 2019

Drugs: Pleasure, Medicine or Poison? Exploring the grey areas

The Australian Winter School conference is a biennial highlight in the alcohol and other drug treatment sector. The Queensland Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies, along with Lives Lived Well, are pleased to present Australian Winter School 2019.
This year’s theme – Drugs: Pleasure, Medicine or Poison? – will allow us to explore the grey areas in a space that is often portrayed as black and white. Very few substances fit neatly into one of these three categories, yet media coverage and public opinion often insists they are either entirely good or entirely bad, which leaves no room to discuss what’s in between.

I look forward to joining with our sector, in the company of our excellent keynote speakers and presenters, for a fascinating, informative and collaborative conference in July 2019.

Rebecca Lang
Chief Executive Officer
Queensland Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies (QNADA)

For more information including venue and speakers, please view QNADA's flyer here.