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AADANT Symposium 2020

4 Nov. 2020 to 11 Nov. 2020
Alice Springs and Darwin


Building on the theme of working together, AADANT focused these symposiums on the services that can enhance a client's experience and improve their quality of life by reaching out to existing providers in your area.

As this event has passed, we thank all for their contributions. Please see power point presentations linked through the schedule of events below where possible.

Schedule of Events


Time Session Workshop/Presenter
9:00AM Session 1 Disability Advocacy Service 
9:35AM Session 2 Critical Incident and Trauma Response - EASA (CORP Workplace Solutions)
10:05AM Session 3 Working together to prevent suicide - Laurencia Grant, MHACA
11:00AM Session 4 Holyoake Working with Parents and Families Affected by AOD, Judy Eckermann
11:35AM Session 5 Homelessness Response Group - Hannah Purdy, NT Shelter
12:05PM Session 6 Alice Springs Red Dust and Salvation Army partnership project - Jonathan Tjapaltjarri Hermawan, Alan Palmer, Jonathan Price. (No presentation available)
1:20PM Session 7 Primary Healthcare for Clients at Congress - Japhin Nyengera
1:55PM Session 8 NAAJA Central Australia Services - Stephen Karpeles
3:00PM Session 9 Peace Education Program, Dr. Andrew Ramsay
3:35PM Session 10 Support Link - Mira Redhead



TIME Session Workshop/Presenter
9:00AM Session 1 TeamHEALTH referral pathways and service overview – Catherine Kubiak
9:35AM Session 2 Support Link - Mira Redhead, Jalane Lennon
10:05AM Session 3 Commissioning of the New Adult Mental Health Centre - NTPHN Pieter Walker
11:00AM Session 4

Skilled Occupation List Survey and its Importance to the Sector - Industry Skills Advisory Council (ISAC NT)

Bibe Roadley - Star College Australia 

11:35AM Session 5 Homelessness Program - Salvation Army 
12:05PM Session 6 Conflict Resolution/Mediation Skills - Andy Warton
1:20PM Session 7 Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) Prudence Boylan
1:55PM Session 8 Peer Workforce and NSP - NTAHC, Peter Sidaway
2:30PM Session 9 Territory Families MACCST program 
3:20PM Session 10 Critical Incident and Trauma Response - EASA (Corp Workplace Solutions) Jenna Lacey

*We do not have access to all the presentations from each symposium. You may put in a request for the presentation through