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Research Fellow - NCCRED

National Centre for Clinical Research on Emerging Drugs

Clinical impacts of new and emerging substances in Australia, such as methamphetamines and fentanyls, require a rapid health response and reliable information. The Research Fellow will work together with a national Prompt Response Network, to develop a system for sharing information on emerging drugs, assess their risks using existing epidemiological and monitoring methods and toxicology analyses, and facilitate prompt dissemination of heath information.  The Research Fellow will lead the Centre’s work to trial a system of information sharing which allows for prompt health response to new and emerging drugs of concern.

Specific responsibilities for this role include:

Build and extend the Prompt Response Network of consumers, clinicians, researchers, public health officers and policy makers for emerging drugs of concern.
Work closely with stakeholders, partners and the Network to develop a web platform and effective messaging to facilitate rapid communication and sharing of information.
Establish and support a range of research studies in areas relevant to detecting and responding to emerging drugs of concern.
Identify current ongoing research and response efforts and consider opportunities to add value to these and translate findings into practice.
Lead and facilitate the development of new grant applications, through the collaborative Network.
Knowledge of health and safety responsibilities and commitment to attending relevant health and safety training.

For more information and to apply, follow the link: