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Knowledge Translation Lead - NCCRED

National Centre for Clinical Research on Emerging Drugs

The Centre aims to support clinicians working in a range of settings to deliver best-practice for the clinical treatment of substance use disorder due to methamphetamine and new drug problems as they emerge. The Knowledge Translation Lead will be responsible for leading the Centre’s program of work supporting translation of research evidence into clinical practice.

Responsibilities for this role include:

  • Lead a program of work translating evidence into practice for effective clinical treatment of substance use disorder related to methamphetamine and new drug problems as they emerge.
  • Build partnerships, and coordinate and mobilise a network of clinicians and researchers, to guide and engage in the work of the Centre.
  • Produce new guidance materials and practical decision-aid tools for clinicians across a range of settings.
  • Disseminate clinical guidance materials through effective implementation strategies, including conducting of training and education where required. This may require interstate travel.
  • Develop and implement a web platform and system to disseminate clinical guidance materials and facilitate network communications and sharing of resources.
  • Support existing State and Territory community and practitioner telephone advice services to deliver harmonised evidence-based information and support for methamphetamine and emerging drugs of concern via new national hotline.
  • Facilitate the collection of comparable treatment outcomes data across settings and studies, and thus contribute to a framework for comparing the efficacy of different treatment models and development of benchmarking, continuous monitoring and quality improvement systems.
  • Manage and oversee external contractors.
  • Manage and provide strategic detailed advice and analysis on the Centre’s performance against deliverables to the Centre Director.
  • Organise and deliver the annual research symposium, together with the Clinical Research Lead and Project Officer.

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