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Aboriginal Town Communities Officer - Amity Community Services

Amity is a for-purpose community organisation based in Darwin. Amity delivers a range of professional evidence-informed services and programs that encourage healthier habits and lifestyles. Amity specialises in the areas of alcohol, other drugs, gambling and associated areas of mental health.

Amity works with people to understand their needs, enabling us to work collaboratively in planning tips and strategies, building upon current skills and/or developing new skills that may assist people in practical ways when changing. Amity works in a manner that is non-judgemental, supportive and encouraging. We are recognised for our commitment, connection and contribution to our community.


As the Aboriginal Communities Officer, you are directly responsible to the Program Manager. The aim of this role is to work in consultation and collaboratively within the Gambling Team and to contribute to the overall program development, delivery and sustainability.

  • Assist Indigenous communities with capacity building strategies and activities;
  • Contribute to the projects administration and updating to ensure quality service delivery;
  • participate in the development, delivery and review of the program’s community education and development;
  • develop and facilitate information sessions and projects with community stakeholders; 
  • develop and facilitate capacity building sessions/workshops;
  • contribute to the development of resource materials;
  • disseminate health promotion material; and
  • attend and participate in community event(s).
  • Other duties as directed by the program’s manager, GM or CEO

Applicants are welcome to contact using the subject line: 

Aboriginal Town Communities Officer application.

A position description can be obtained through the email above.

Closing Date 12 November 2021